1. Opus Aeneid Vol. 1 (Album Preview) Vincent Rain 5:06
  2. Opus Aeneid Vol. 2 (Album Preview) Vincent Rain 5:00
  3. Impressions (Album Preview) Vincent Rain 4:55
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Opus Aeneid Vol II

Opus Aeneid Vol I

Vivaldi Metal Project

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Vincent Rain – Impressions Album Preview

Vincent Rain – Opus Aeneid Vol I Album Preview

Vincent Rain – Opus Aeneid Vol II Album Preview

Vincent Rain – Prelude

Vivaldi Metal Project – Vincent Rain solo lead part

Vincent Rain – Aria


Hi everyone and welcome!

I’m Vincent Rain and if you are a big neoclassic fan like me, I hope you will like my page.

My main project is Baroque Trilogy Series which includes Opus Aeneid Vol 1, Opus Aeneid Vol 2 and Impressions.

Impressions is an instrumental neoclassical rock album consisting of arrangements of classical masterpieces by Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Paganini, Beethoven and other composers that shaped my imagination and impressed me the most.

Opus Aeneid is a Symphonic Poem for Electric Guitar based on a Virgils antique classics. This instrumental orchestral work is devoted to the wanderings of Aeneas, the last trojan warrior. On the Mediterranean Sea, Aeneas and his fellow Trojans flee from their home city of Troy, which has been destroyed by the Greeks. They sail for Italy, where Aeneas is destined to found Rome. His tale would be heralded as a national epic. This work is a kind of retrospective. I tried to depict the antique epic plot using the baroque orchestral instruments and techniques.
The whole work consists of two volumes each of them consisting of six books (45 tracks in summary).

I’d like to give some extra credits to Italian keyboard player, composer and producer Mistheria for flawless recording of harpsichord parts on Aeneid. Apart from that he has released amazing piece of masterpiece called Vivaldi Metal Project which I have had a great pleasure to participate in. The project is a symphonic-metal opera based on Antonio Vivaldi’s Baroque masterwork “The Four Seasons”, featuring more than 130 amazing metal and classical artists, orchestra, a string quartet and three choirs from all over the world. The album features 14 tracks – all the movements from Antonio Vivaldi’s original score plus two original new songs written by Mistheria. The impressive roster of artists probably makes this titanic album the biggest all-star project ever!

Vincent Rain (c) 2020