1 Sepiamind

2 Tattoo on My Heart

3 Andante

4 All You Need

5 Heaven Above

6 Mixed Worlds

7 After a Long Time

8 What About Us

9 Capriccioso

10 Should I Live (Without You)

11 Menuet

12 Hurt


My new solo album Sepiamind has just been released. It incorporates my visions and feelings, the way I see the world around me.

This is an all-instrumental guitar record, featuring a lot of guitar solos and romantic melodic patterns.

A lot of events have occurred in my life while making the album. That is probably the reason why it sounds a bit unbalanced.

Anyway hope you enjoy it.

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Band :
Title : Sepiamind
Release Date : August 1, 2018
Format : Digital Download